Relentless Raspberry

The Raspberry build “server” producing the nightly builds at has been running for three years now.

Uptime shows:

14:36:23 up 649 days,  7:33,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

I am surprised that it worked so long and so stable. Sadly it is now time to end it. It was running on the free Raspberry colocation by

5 thoughts on “Relentless Raspberry

  1. Nice uptime! You need a git repository and CI and sonarqube tool chain? I could sponsor you an instance on my build server. Just drop me a note.

    • I tried all these things but when I came to step 9 there isn’t any list of effects, it only asks me to give a name to the effect. I tries the “ability to add trigger” name but still doesn’t work. it only produces fog, not snow…any ideas???

  2. Sorry to hear about that and somewhat bad timing: the German Raspberry-Pi-Geek magazine will publish an article about urbackup on the pi (should be out beginning of August). So I expect readers to try to download the rpi-build.

    So two questions: could you provide at least the last versions built by your server for download somewhere else? And/or: can we put the latest versions on the CD which is provided with the magazine?

    • Yes, I can upload them and of course you can put them on the CD.

      The package in the above URL is for Debian wheezy “raspbian” for ARMv6 (Raspberry 1).

      If you have any other questions you can also contact me at .

  3. Thanks! BTW: the package runs fine on a RPI3 with Debian jessie. Very simple to setup and use, a very good, non-intrusive backup solution for small home-networks. Thanks for your hard work! Bernhard

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