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So UrBackup decided yesterday that it’s time for a full backup on my laptop. I have a lot of small files and just going over them and getting their file size and change date usually takes half an hour. This is one reason why the incremental backup in UrBackup is so great. Because it does not have to go over all files.

Anyways after 8 hours it was finally finished and the server was happily sorting the files into the database (much faster now – see previous entry).
Then it basically started the full backup again! It couldn’t copy the list of all transferred files to the right location because all the space on the drive where these lists are saved was used up by temporary files. Now you probably shouldn’t store your temporary files on the same drive as you save e.g. the UrBackup database (as it can fill up often). But this is nevertheless a problem, which I fixed.

Now it’s backuping again. 4 hours and going. Hopefully there will be no other error at the end.

Keep in mind that this is not a serious bug, as the full backup was complete and no data was lost and no successive errors occurred. The bug only causes the backup to be worthless for successive incremental backups (they have to backup more). It also does only occur if you have less space in the temporary folder then the files which are backed up and if your temporary folder is on the same drive as your application data. This is not a good idea anyways.

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